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Kee Lite® 管接件


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Kee Klamp® 有一款轻质的姊妹产品

Kee Klamp® 管接件一直以来都是用途广泛的管件连接系统,而 Kee Lite 管接件重量更轻、耐腐蚀性能更强,因此用途更广泛。整个管接件系列有各种尺寸和形状可选,支持您构建不同的管状结构。
KL Montage2 2200

Kee Lite 管接件的优势


Kee Lite 铝制管接件重量轻、用途广、性价比高,适用于各种管状结构。每个组件均具有耐腐蚀性能,可采用阳极氧化或粉末涂层表面处理,更经久耐用。


所有管接件均采用高品质铝硅镁合金 (A356-T6) 制成,轻巧耐腐蚀,是钢产品的代替选择。Kee Lite 的重量实际上只有我们铁组件的三分之一,而抗拉强度可达到铁组件的 75% 左右。


只需使用标准内六角扳手和钢管切割设备即可安装 Kee Lite 系统,无需焊接或攻丝,也不需要热处理资质或专业技能,所有组件皆可在现场轻松安装和按需组装。

Kee Lite 产品目录


下载完整的 Kee Lite 管接件产品目录,其中包含有关 Kee Lite 管接件尺寸、重量和用途的最新技术信息。

铠易组件目录 - 阿联酋



Kee Lite 管接件包含几个紧定定螺钉,使用简单的内六角扳手便可牢牢固定到管件上。


采用高品质铝硅镁合金制成 (A356-T6)


Kee Lite 提供各类滑套式管接件。我们的产品开发团队坚持定期推出新的管接件产品。


Kee Lite 管接件在阿联酋库存充足,因此我们能够迅速向客户交付满足其需求的各类产品。

Kee Klamp 管接件发展历程


  • 组件的强度、生产质量和一致性均通过 TÜV 认证
  • 经过严格的质检程序,符合 ISO 9001 标准





Kee Lite 产品资料下载

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    • What are Kee Lite fittings used for?
      The most common applications for Kee Lite fittings is hand rail and guard rail, the contours designed into Kee Lite fittings give a smoother appearance and better look than typical non-welded systems. Various other tubular-structures such as retail store fixtures, soft contained play systems, awning, fencing, machinery framework, can be economically produced with Kee Lite Fittings.
    • What is a Kee Lite structural slip-on tube fitting?
      Kee Lite structural slip-on tube fittings are made from a high grade Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy. Kee Lite fittings are used in conjunction with BS EN 755 Aluminum pipe to build structures of unlimited size and scope. Case hardened grub screws attach the fittings securely around the pipe. There is no welding, drilling, or bolting required when building with Kee Lite fittings. The only tools required for building Kee Lite structures are a pipe cutter and a standard hex key.
    • What style or types are available?
      The Kee Lite range is a product line that is expanding constantly. Please check our updated online catalog for the current availability.
    • Are there Kee Klamp components available to modify or extend an existing tube structure?
      Kee Lite fittings are available anodized or powder coated to any RAL color requirements on a special order basis.
    • Which sizes of tube can I use with Kee Lite fittings?
      Most types of Kee Lite fittings are available for nominal tube sizes 1" (33.7mm OD) and 2" (60.3mm OD).
    • Does the size of the grub screw matter?
      Yes, the size and style of grub screw does matter. The large grub screw with a hardened cup point used in Kee Lite fittings cut into the tube and provides the highest rated slip load in the industry.
    • What is the recommended torque for the grub screws?
      When constructing with Kee Lite fittings we recommend that you tighten the grub screw to 29 lbs./ft. or 39 Nm. This is approximately "hand-tight." The only exception is size 6 Kee Lite fittings. The setting for tightening the grub screw for this size fitting is 25 Nm ( 19 lb.ft). The theoretical design slip load ( factored ) per grub screw will be around 4.90 KN at this reduced torque setting.
    • What quality certifications has Kee Lite attained?
      The majority of the Kee Lite fittings range are TUV tested and approved.
    • What type of pipe can be used with Kee Lite fittings?
      Kee Lite fittings are designed for use with Schedule 40 or 80 aluminum pipe. View our "Tech Spec" section to the left, or Download a Catalog, for a pipe size chart.
    • Will Kee Lite fittings corrode if used outdoors?
      Kee Lite fittings are Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy (A 356-T6) a highly corrosion resistant alloy. If conditions, require the fittings can be anodized for additional corrosion resistance. Kee Lite grub screws are treated with our Kee Koat® finish to resist corrosion. In Salt Spray test the Kee Koat corrosion resistance was equal to Stainless Steel grub screws in an aluminum fitting. Copies of the salt spray tests available upon request by contacting Kee Industrial Products.
    • Will the fitting or the grub screw strip tightening to 29 lbs./ft 39Nm?
      No, the large diameter grub screws and the British Standard Thread used, along with the alloy of the fitting, give you the correct combination to create a strong mechanical joint between the fitting and the tube.
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